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Swimming Pool Covers

Rely on Go Aqua UK for the best quality swimming pool covers, whether its for summer, winter or all year round!

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We understand that a swimming pool is a significant investment, and protecting it is essential to extend its lifespan and minimise maintenance costs.

At Go Aqua UK, we offer a comprehensive range of pool covers, each tailored to specific needs. Our selection includes energy-efficient solar covers, safety covers to safeguard your loved ones, and debris-repelling winter covers.

These covers not only help conserve energy and maintain water quality but also add an extra layer of security and convenience to your pool.

Dive into a world of smart pool management with Go Aqua UK, where we provide high-quality, customisable pool covers that promise a better, safer, and more sustainable swimming experience.

What types of swimming pool covers are there?

We have only the best pool covers for your swimming pool. With a trusted and reputable supply chain, we provide expert services and advice on the ideal cover for your swimming pool.

  • We will, firstly, come out and measure up your pool area and have a chat about the type of cover you’re after.
  • We will then, go away and chat with the cover manufacturing to source the best material and price.
  • After that, we will present you with an easy to read quotation and provide relevant information such as lead times and potential start dates.
  • Once we’re in, we will come and deliver and install your new swimming pool cover without a hitch!

Choose from a range of pool covers from winter debris to summer solar and even all year round safety covers.

Our experienced and knowledgable engineering team can provide the best service on your pool or spa. We provide a range of bespoke and tailored services with competitive prices to match. Did we mention that we attend call outs across the Midlands? Get in touch for more information.

What can we help you with?

We know pools come in all shapes and sizes, both indoor and outdoor, so you may need an 8ft cover, a 10ft cover or a 12ft cover for your pool, which may be fine for a regular swimming pool, but yours may be unique in some way and that’s where our professionals step in.

With so many factors to consider we make sure you get the best cover to suit your usage and requirements.

Why choose Go Aqua UK?

If there is one thing we’re good at, it’s pools! Go Aqua UK has been in business for almost 40 years and in that time we’ve seen lots of changes within the industry. We’re known for pool maintenance and repairs, but there are reasons why our customers keep coming back:

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Not sure where to begin?

Sometimes owning a swimming pool can be a right headache… Have no fear, Go Aqua UK are here!

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