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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Providing you with the best swimming pool and spa chemicals to treat the water and balance out pH and Chlorine levels.

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Top-quality swimming pool chemicals

We understand that maintaining optimal water chemistry is essential for a refreshing and healthy swimming experience.

At Go Aqua UK, we offer a comprehensive range of pool chemicals and water treatment solutions for both residential and commercial pools.

Our mission is to make pool maintenance easy and effective, ensuring that your pool remains a source of enjoyment and relaxation.

With our expertly curated selection of chemicals, you can trust us to help you maintain the perfect water balance, prevent algae and bacteria growth, and extend the lifespan of your pool equipment.

Dive into a world of pristine, well-balanced pool water with Go Aqua UK, where we’re committed to delivering the best in pool care, so you can simply enjoy your swimming oasis.

We have built up our knowledge and expertise on swimming pool chemicals (and spa and sauna too!). Which is why we have developed our own range of chemicals and hold a stock of them in our warehouse for all types of projects.

If we don’t have the stock of the chemicals you require, then we will source and deliver this out to you from our trust network of suppliers and distributors.

Our experienced and knowledgeable engineering team can provide the best service on your pool or spa.

We provide a range of bespoke and tailored services with competitive prices to match.

Did we mention that we attend call outs across the Midlands? Get in touch for more information.

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If there is one thing we’re good at, it’s pools! Go Aqua UK has been in business for almost 40 years and in that time we’ve seen lots of changes within the industry. We’re known for pool maintenance and repairs, but there are reasons why our customers keep coming back:

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