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Dolphin Liberty 400 Cordless Pool Cleaner

Short Description

The LIBERTY 400’s “Eco Mode” ensures your pool remains pristine throughout the week with brief, efficient cleaning cycles.

Select from floor-only or comprehensive floor and wall cleaning with the “Cycle Selector,” and enjoy effortless removal from the pool with the Click-Up™ feature.

Additionally, the LIBERTY 400 incorporates the MyDolphin™ Plus app for straightforward control and setting up cleaning programs.

Experience robust, intensive scrubbing and advanced filtration with the reliability and service synonymous with Dolphin products, now available in a cordless model!

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Full Product Description

The New Generation of Cordless Pool Cleaning The Same Unmatched Dolphin Performance – Now Cordless!

Discover the Dolphin LIBERTY 400 with its new cordless design for unmatched agility, and inductive charging. The LIBERTY 400 “Eco Mode” will keep your pool clean all week long with short and efficient cleaning cycles.

While the “Cycle Selector” will let you choose between floor-only or floor and walls cleaning, you can use the Click-UpTM for super-easy removal from the pool.

The LIBERTY 400 also includes the MyDolphin™ Plus app for easy control and cleaning programs setup.

Using powerful, intensive scrubbing action and a superior filtration system, you can get the same reliability and service you get with other Dolphin products – now cordless!

Inductive Charging

Magnetic Connect for super easy snap in-place and walk-away charging.

Eco Mode

Keeps your pool clean with 3x 30 minute cycles a week (floor only).

Click Up

Using the Clicker sensor, the Dolphin will climb up to you, for easy removal from the pool.

MyDolphin PLUS App

Setting customised cleaning programs is now easier using your mobile device.

Technical Specification & Details

  • Ideal for pools up to 10×5 meters
  • Covers the floors, walls and waterline.
  • Powerful active scrubbing, with intense scrubbing for an unmatched cleaning.
  • 1.5 hours cleaning cycle time.
  • Interchangeable filter options to tackle every level of dirt, dust and debris.
  • Lithium-ion Battery | 5,000mAh.
  • 8.1kg robot weight.
  • Warranty from manufacturer is 36 months.

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