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SKU: InverX AI Wireless Pool Robot

Cordless AI-Powered Pool Cleaner

Short Description

Go Aqua UK are proud to offer this Next Generation AI Cordless Pool Cleaner.

The cleaner is completely Cordless so has no cable and no caddy and is completely rechargeable.

Using i-Mapping Technology to efficiently clean pools of any shape.

Not only is it suitable for all pool finishes it can climb vertical surfaces, even Perspex.

The built in AI and Freedrive technology means it will avoid obstacles and can navigate the pool floor, walls and waterline accurately and efficiently.

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Full Product Description

The Cordless Pool Cleaner is powered by Freedrive Technology and navigates using i-MAPPING Technology for accurate and powerful cleaning.

The advanced Freedrive Technology makes the cleaner completely rechargeable and negates the need for an umbilical cable like traditional pool cleaners.

Magnetic technology makes the battery more energy efficient and long-lasting.

Wireless technology means it is safe to swim whilst the cleaner is in action. Being cordless doesn’t leave you with a lack of power.

The cleaner can run unhindered for up to three hours, meaning it can easily clean a pool up to 20m long with a single charge.

All that while having a pump rate of 18m3 an hour and pumping water through a 18 micron fine mesh filter basket with a 2ltr debri capacity.

Our patented i-MAPPING Technology is a smart navigation algorithm using six probes and precise execution.

It can scan different shaped pools and adjust speed and its path intelligently, making it able to clean your pool all on its own.

Freedrive Technology

Freedrive brings all the advantages of a fully rechargeable power unit giving you the freedom to simply drop the cleaner into the pool – no heavy cable to worry about, nothing to plug in and no caddy to put away.

  • No cable, no caddy
  • 10.4AH battery for up to 20m pool
  • 30, 60 or 120 minute cleaning cycle options
  • Eco mode for light cleaning cycles
  • With a 24/48/72hr delay start timer, the cleaning can be planned ahead

i-MAPPING Technology

The patented i-MAPPING Technology is a smart navigation system that uses the cleaner’s six built in sensors, combined with sophisticated intelligent software, which results in your cleaner having the ability to plot its way efficiently and precisely around any shape pool. With thanks to the six built in sensors, our cleaner detects the difference between the pool floor and pool walls, resulting in an option to do a quick floor sweep, perfect for a last minute clean. It can also detect the pool’s waterline, and will scrub along it, removing all the grime build up that is common for that area.

  • 60% more efficient cleaning than other pool cleaners
  • Optimised battery powered operation
  • Can tackle any shape pool
  • No cable restrictions
  • Powerful pump flow rate 18m3/h
  • Large battery pack 10.4Ah (242wh)/25.2v
  • Filtration accuracy 0.18mm
  • Battery life up to 3 hours

Technical Specification & Details

  • Avoids obstacles using built in AI
  • Charging time from 2-5hrs
  • Long battery life from 3-8hours
  • Choice of pre-programmed cleaning times– 30mins, 1 hour and 2 hour
  • Auto-clean every 24,48 or 72 hours for up to 5 days or more*
  • Timer-delay function
  • Can be managed via the App, to offer a higher degree of cleaning options tailored to you
  • Navigates using i-Mapping and Freedrive technology
  • Comes with a hook for easy removal from the water
  • Magnetic basket collects leaves and small debris
  • Pool size is not restricted by cable length, its cordless
  • Filter capacity 3.2L
  • Can be set to clean floor only or floor/walls and waterline
  • Travels at 12m/min


*Dependant on pool size, mode and battery capacity of model

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