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Pool maintenance over the winter months

With temperatures starting to reach below zero, it’s vital to ensure proper pool maintenance occurs across the Winter months.

Having correct procedures in place will allow not only for a speedy reopening in Spring but will also avoid any time-consuming and expensive repairs. Whether it’s commercial, in-ground or indoor swimming pool maintenance you require, carry on reading to see our best tips for this winter and how our specialist company can help you do it.

Swimming Pool Dosing and Chemical Sensors

Keeping your pool at the correct chemical balance is essential to ensure your water stays sanitised. It’ll also help you to avoid your water going green or gaining any pesky water stains that build around the edges.

We would recommend using a chlorine shock initially to boost the chlorine levels in your pool, which helps developing algae. Once done, you can then add algaecide to prevent algae build-up. Your pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6 (a balanced level) ideally, to keep it most hygienic. Find out more about what chemicals we can offer you.

Are you a little unsure of where to start with chemicals? Our skilled and knowledgeable team can attend callouts across the Midlands to provide you with the best service possible. Book a visit to get your water treated or discover how a dosing system could be installed to help maintain your pool dosing with ease. Systems are chosen to specifically match your setup, so get in touch to find out more information.

Pool Cleaning

Make sure you clean your pool of any debris so that the filter does not get clogged. You can do this by simply skimming the surface with a pool net and collecting anything floating on the surface. Once the debris has been removed, use a pool brush to scrub any algae from the wall surface.

After completing the previous steps, set up a vacuum for the bottom of the pool and check the pool filter, to see if the cartridge needs to be cleaned. You will know that it needs cleaning if the pressure is reaching 10 psi higher than usual. Check out this article to understand the process in more detail. 

We’ve recently created a blog talking about the most common pool cleaning mistakes, so check out this article for what NOT to do.

If you use a pool cleaning robot, be sure to check that outside isn’t too cold for it, or else you may cause permanent damage.

During the cleaning process, check for any damage that may have occurred while the pool is inactive. Finding any damage early will make sure your pool is in good shape for reopening in the warmer months. With 34 years in the industry, our team can assure you of quality service and competitive prices to get your pool running again. Visit our services page to see how we could help you.

Draining your Swimming Pool

Once cleaned, your pool needs to be drained slightly below the skimmer, as well as the filter, heater, and pump. This will help to avoid any freezing in the pipes or components, therefore avoiding any cracks and replacements. It will also compensate for any water that flows into the pool, especially with the potential for snow and rain. It is recommended that you seek professional help to drain your pool, as you could lose your warranty if done incorrectly.

If you do happen to have a damaged pipe or part, don’t worry; our experienced team can offer tailored repair services around the clock. Get in touch today to see how we could help you.

Swimming Pool Covers

A pool cover can be a great safety device for any homeowners or businesses with younger children around. Covering your pool will also help protect it from debris and the freezing temperatures in Winter, lowering the risk of any cracks to the shell and parts.

Top tip: when using a pool cover, add bottles of water in your pool to keep the flow of water going.

When booking an installation with us, we will measure your pool and discuss your needs, before sourcing the best material and price for you. We offer a range of pool covers for Winter and Summer, as well as safety covers too. Check out our article on how to choose a pool cover or visit our page to understand the process of installing a pool cover with us in more detail.

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How Go Aqua Can Help You

Investing in your pool during the Winter can save you from any major costs once your pool is operating regularly again.

Consider having one of our experts visit to assess your pool for any maintenance required. Our team is regularly trained for the latest regulations in the industry and tailors services specifically for your needs. We can offer you weekly, monthly, or annual checks, so book a visit today.

Not quite ready to close your pool? Check out our article talking about cold-water swimming and how some leisure facilities are using this new trend to stay active all year round.

Alternatively, if you’re now over the Winter blues, read our definitive checklist to reopening your pool in Spring.

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