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Our Latest Featured Pool Products: Cordless Pool Cleaners

At Go Aqua UK, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class solutions for your swimming pools – whether they are residentially owned or commercially owned.

We partner with some of the greatest manufacturers in the country and have tried and tested most pool maintenance products.

There are only a select few that “cut the mustard” so this leads us to announce two fantastic, featured products – Cordless Pool Cleaners.

The first is a Cordless AI-Powered Pool Cleaner from InverX and the second is the Dolphin Liberty 400 Cordless Pool Cleaner. We’re going to dive (excuse the pun) into both on their features, benefits, and technical specification.

We’ve even got a couple of videos from our Chief Pool Expert, John, who showcases the InverX unit on one of our customers’ pool.

Robot on pool edge

This Cordless Pool Cleaner is powered by Freedrive Technology and navigates using i-MAPPING Technology for accurate and powerful cleaning. The advanced Freedrive Technology makes the cleaner completely rechargeable and negates the need for an umbilical cable like traditional pool cleaners.

Wireless technology means it is safe to swim whilst the cleaner is in action. Being cordless doesn’t leave you with a lack of power. The cleaner can run unhindered for up to three hours, meaning it can easily clean a pool up to 20m long with a single charge.

It can scan different shaped pools and adjust speed and its path intelligently, making it able to clean your pool all on its own.

The incredible i-Mapping Tech provides a smart navigation system, which also features some incredible benefits such as:

  • 60% more efficient cleaning than other pool cleaners.
  • Optimised battery powered operation.
  • Can tackle any shape pool.
  • No cable restrictions.
  • Powerful pump flow rate 18m3/h.
  • Large battery pack 10.4Ah (242wh)/25.2v.
  • Filtration accuracy 0.18mm.
  • Battery life up to 3 hours.

Take a look at this robotic pool cleaner in action below:

dolphin liberty lifestyle

Discover the Dolphin Liberty 400 with its new cordless design for unmatched agility, and inductive charging.

The Liberty 400 “Eco Mode” will keep your pool clean all week long with short and efficient cleaning cycles.

While the “Cycle Selector” will let you choose between floor-only or floor and walls cleaning, you can use the Click-Up™ for super-easy removal from the pool.

The Liberty 400 also includes the MyDolphin™ Plus app for easy control and cleaning programs setup.

Some of the great benefits of this marvellous machine include:

  • Inductive Charging: Magnetic Connect for super easy snap in-place and walk-away charging.
  • Eco Mode: Keeps your pool clean with 3x 30 minute cycles a week (floor only).
  • Click Up: Using the Clicker sensor, the Dolphin will climb up to you, for easy removal from the pool.
  • MyDolphin PLUS app: Setting customised cleaning programs is now easier using your mobile device.

We’ve also got another video for you, which was sent to us from the manufacturers themselves, that shows how this smart tech works in action:

Where do I buy one?

As approved delivery partners and distributors for both robotic pool cleaners, you can order directly with our team.

We have one of the robots on-hand at our office, which you can order for a demo to see how it works on your own pool.

Get in touch with the team today on 01386 576680 or

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