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5 Benefits of Buying a Solar Pool Cover This Summer

5 Benefits of Buying a Solar Pool Cover This Summer

Over the past few weeks, we’ve published several articles on the benefits and uses of solar pool covers.

Are you still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons to invest in a solar pool cover.

A solar power pool cover requires no extra spending past the initial investment.

This means that, unlike other electrical pool covers, you won’t have to pay for the energy charges, as your solar panels will generate all your power for free.

Although the pool cover will require a larger cost up-front, you’ll soon see the value in this by saving on energy costs. The pool cover helps keep in the heat too, meaning less will be spent on heating the water too.

The pool cover will keep your water clean and block debris.

A pool cover can act as a barrier to anything externally, such as leaves, dirt, wrappers and rubbish or even wild animals and bugs that may otherwise get into your water.

Having a pool cover in place will save you a lot of precious swimming time by keeping any unwanted substances out of the water, meaning that you can cut down on your pool cleaning routine when it comes to your summer dips.

Your pool becomes more efficient, as evaporation is reduced thanks to the solar power pool cover.

With a pool cover in place, you have a barrier between your water and the surrounding area, meaning it’s hard for the warmth to escape and evaporate, therefore money on heating your water.

Due to this, it’s also harder for any chemicals in your water to evaporate, so your water chemical adjustments will be less frequent and again less expensive, as it takes more time for the levels to drop/rise.

Power outages will no longer affect your swim.

Having your own solar power pool cover will generate electricity separate from energy companies, so any incidents affecting power in your location will not disrupt your swimming time.

Contrary to popular belief, solar power isn’t affected by overcast weather, so you won’t have to worry about your energy cutting out at any point.

A pool cover acts as an extra safety tool.

Pool covers can be essential to any home with young children or pets, as they become a barrier and prevent any accidental falls into the water. Your pool cover will help to avoid exposed water and therefore reduce any incidents at home too.

Are you interested in getting your own pool cover for the summer? Get in touch with our team today for an expert installation and high-quality product. With 35 years in the industry, we’re confident in delivering the care and attention you deserve.

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