Case Study - Country hotel in Gloucestershire

Opening a telescopic enclosed hotel pool for the summer with weekly maintenance visits.

When we were called upon to attend this countryside hotel in Gloucestershire, their pool had not been opened for the summer season and they were keen to get this up and running for their guests to enjoy as soon as possible.

We began our first visit with a good ol’ jet wash, which enabled us to remove all the dirt and debris from the pool shell. We then moved onto checking the skimmers and fixtures around the pool to ensure there was no cracks, that could cause an issue later down the line.

Once the pool had been cleaned and the plant room had been serviced, it was time to fill up the pool and get the heaters fired up! Pictured here is our service engineer, Ivor, who is checking the temperature of the water to make sure it is comfortable for the hotel guests.

Not long after we visited, we had a call from the hotel owner to notify us of a leak on the split valve. We were quick to react, and our engineering team visited asap to diagnose and rectify the leak. We needed to order in additional parts and our engineers provided on-site advice to the owner to help them make further decisions.

As part of our weekly maintenance visits, our engineers carry out something we call chemical balancing. This is the process of testing the water to see what the pH and alkalinity levels currently are, which then provides our engineers with the knowledge of what chemicals to use to rebalance the water.

After all, nothing is worse than a highly chlorinated pool!

As part of the service we offer our customer, we also look after their sauna room which is housed at the back of their pool hall. Our engineers attend to their generator in particular, to ensure that this is calibrated and set to the correct temperatures.

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